Frobana … Vintage Shoe Stretching

Frobana … Vintage Shoe Stretching

Frobana … Vintage Shoe Stretching

posted 1 year ago

The few people that know me.. understand how I love all things old and worldly, an this very old shoe stretcher by Frobana in Germany is no exception

Frobana has recently been refurbished and now works like a dream thanks to a local gentleman Mr Bond who had taken great interest in this old piece one morning. Mr Bond explained how he had worked in manufacturing footwear for may years and was pleasantly surprised to see Frobana was still even intact. Without further ado up I got and took her down off the shelve to have a closer look. Frobana I thought had had her day being here in 38 Market St for the best part of 100 years.. Carefully we tried to twist and turn at all the mechanics but to no avail, she would not budge..

“Not to worry” said Mr Bond.. But he wasn’t giving up on her yet… and certain he could bring her back to life, off he went out the door with Frobana under his arm to his work shop.
Four weeks later in he arrived back with the all singing and dancing Frobana…

This vintage shoe stretching machine by German manufacturers Rafflenbeul und Frobana sits pride of place in our store here in 38 Market Street monaghan.

Don’t forgo a favourite pair of shoes just because they’re a tad snug. If the size is too tight, we can now help make them fit. The Frobana “vintage” Stretching machine can increase length and width (though extending length is most successful on flat shoes), as well as stretch specific areas, like too-tight toes.. In 1973 Rafflenbeul und Frobana closed down, they transferred all their spare part depots to Mebus. However we are keeping the dream of Frobana alive, and welcome you all to avail of her services. So if you require your shoes to be stretched pop in to us and we can leave them with Frobana to work her magic. At no cost!!!
See you soon.
R x


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