The Barbour Jacket – “More Chic than… Sheep”

The Barbour Jacket – “More Chic than… Sheep”

The Barbour Jacket – “More Chic than… Sheep”

posted 3 years ago

The wax jacket – or more specifically, a Barbour Waxed jacket – is the staple of country tradition, but it’s only recently that the brand has enjoyed a rather fashionable revival.
Growing up in Monaghan, a Barbour jacket was on my wishlist for some time. It took me so long to save all my pocket money and finally my day was made when my parents took me to buy my very first Barbour.. And I still have this jacket, my niece now wears it to school. I remember my father’s – creased with use, smelling strongly of wax, worn when out walking in the bitterest of weather, shooting, dog training, patiently watching me learn to ride ponies at Castle Leslie in Glaslough. Those were good days.

30 years on, I’m still wearing one. In fact it hasn’t been off my back since. It’s one of the most versatile jackets I’ve ever owned – keeping me warm when the wind’s blowing but not suffocating me when the sun shines.

The Barbour brand has continued to grow over the past number of years and is huge right now. Barbour is up there on top as a classic brand and is back into the mainstream.
Despite gracing the world’s most fashionable shoulders, the Barbour jacket is still quite a practical piece, and it’d be easy to wind up looking a bit farmer-esque while wearing it. But with a spot of simple styling, it looks far more “chic than… sheep”.

With sightings on celebs like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung mean Barbour has found a place with the fash pack, as the countryside coat du jour.


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