The Best Country Boots

The Best Country Boots

The Best Country Boots

posted 2 years ago

A good pair of country boots is a wardrobe essential for any lover of the outdoors. What ever the Irish weather throws your way, there’s always one boot you can rely on.. The Dubarry Galway is Dubarry’s signature boot. This stylish and comfortable boot stands up to all weather conditions ensuring your feet stay warm and dry. The GORE-TEX membrane design means that the Galway has waterproof properties and the addition of Dry Fast – Dry Soft™ technology ensures the leather is breathable which results in a comfortable boot that doesn’t leave your feet feeling soggy after a day out in the fields.
Dubarry continue to develop new technology to ensure their range of country boots continue to live up to the high standards expected; providing boots that are durable, comfortable, waterproof and breathable as well as being suitable for many uses, ranging from walking the dog to being at the yard with some hybrid versions which are also suitable for riding. On top of this list of expectations, many brands are now starting to branch out with different fit designs. For a long time many boots have been available only in a regular calf,  however developments have introduced styles that offer slim, wide and extra wide calf sizes meaning there is definitely a country boot for you.

Due to its popularity Dubarry have developed the Dubarry Galway in a Slim-Fit and Extra-Fit option.

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